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Bichon Frise Portrait

Temperament of the Bichon Frise

They are perfect companion dogs because they adapt very easily to family life integrating quicly in the environment regardless of their age.

Although they are very intelligent dogs, they don? cope very well with the fuss, noise or tension.

The Bichon Frise is excellent for children, being an excellent play mate. They never bite. On the contrary, the kids should be the ones who must be careful not to harm the dog when playing.

The Bichon will happily welcome guests or strangers but only if the master is also happy. It is obedient, very agile and it always loves to play. Its master has to treat it nicely but also be firm without being too harsh with the dog.

Being so sociable, without a proper education, the Bichon could become very spoiled. Its kind, happy and loving nature recommend the bichon frise as an excellent ?pecialist in ergotherapy for both children and adults.

Its longevity is remarkable and often a 14 or 16 years old Bichon is still very lively.

As a conclusion: don? hesitate, let yourself seduced by it and the Bichon will surely offer you many years filled with joy!

It is impossible to go unnoticed

You?l imediatelly see its sophisticated appearance: a snowflake of fur, very soft, from which you can only see two small and dark eyes and a little red tongue.

The american breeders especially, desperate about spectacular show dogs, have dictated the current commercial image of the breed. But, the ones who really know this breed will tell you that the looks aren? the Bichon? greatest quality.

The best part of the Bichon Frise lays hidden behind those playful eyes...
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